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Argentine tango is nowadays danced all over the world. It's a physical conversation between two people, with unlimited possibilities to improvise and express yourself. Due to its origins in the social entertainment areas of Buenos Aires, the dance was suitable for everyone in the beginning of the last century. Each individual dances differently and no tango will therefore be danced twice twice. 

Dance is about action and reaction, character on your movements you decide... you dance!!! 

 A great workspace between a man and a women.

Our Lessons

Absolute Beginners

Absolute Beginners Tango Serie

Start to combine movements from the first lessons Tango is a highly technical form of dance training with its own vocabulary based on Argentinian terminology  It has influenced and defined the foundation of techniques used in many other genres.. 8 weeks level

Tango Basico Avanzado

help dancers with their basic technique and tricks, as well as increasing stamina giving students the ability to dance for longer periods of time. It targets all the muscle groups needed to be a strong and balanced dancer all while having fun.

N3 Social Dance

Social Tango invites to the Dance floor

Complete your social dance level, we focus on dance in the salon turns, angles, directions and mostly perspective that bring us into a fantastic listening of the music. step in at 8th week 


Is the brand new teaching session

Grab the chance to build up new knowledge and understanding of Tango Dancing. TANGO CYCLE will renew your way of studying Tango. Follow the elements and achieve the goals easily step by step. The new level of Dance is 

Each month starting from October a Saturday full of Theory, Technique, Elements and Combinations are waiting for you. Subscribe for six months and enjoy the individual and professional support of Ezequiel and Geraldina every month. For more details get in Touch


Encuentra la manera de cuidar tu baile, hacerlo crecer. Personal coaching ofrece una amplia perspectiva de colores para mejorar tu performance. incluimos asesoramiento en vestuario, coreografia, actitud escenica, arreglos musicales y todo lo que nesecites para tus shows. 

Tambien se trabaja en la parte educativa organiza tus workshops o clases regulares con el programa TANGOMATTER. keeping you in the know.

About Us

Our Teaching vision

to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way.  We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through our dance program.  Our goal is to provide quality dance instruction through caring, professional instructors in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.  Tangomatter promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation through the fine arts of dance

This is the generation of dancers that can step up and make a change in human kindness and create positive attitudes for our future.   These are the values Tangomatter strives to promote with each of our dancers. 
It's more than just dance...

Take a step

Meet Ezequiel & Geraldina

Argentinian Professional dancers living in Amsterdam. Able to reveal the hidden nature of the imaginative, elegant and passionate styles of the Tango. After twenty years on the way. EG are settled in Amsterdam to develop a Tangomatter concept... growing a community.


Is a company dedicated to Produce and Promote de Buenos Aires culture with Tango. 

An unforgettable human story trough the dance, music and poetry of an exiled Buenos Aires

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Tango in netherlands

ga deze video kijken genieten van het veel


Borana Toska

I have been dancing and studying with top maestros all over the world for the last 10 years but nothing comes close to the mastery and depth of understanding of Geraldin and Ezequiel. They completely revolutionized my understanding and ability to dance and have been a source of continuous passion and inspiration. I started to study regularly with Geraldine and Ezequiel in the beginning of 2015 and have continued ever since to develop my dance under their guidance because they embody everything that I have been looking for in a teacher.  They are world-class artists who are the original source of the highest levels of expression in the dance of tango and have brought to life unparalleled creations.  They are world-class teachers who truly understand and are able to communicate the mechanics of the dance in order to help their students achieve the best and most natural efficiency of movement. Unlike many other teachers I had seen before, Geraldin and Ezequiel were always able to address the real causes of utechnical problems and share with me the simplest and most natural solution to fix them.Finally, they are amazing people who bring their best to every interaction with a relaxed, positive and encouraging attitude that makes you motivated to keep developing. Their love for each other and for tango is palpable in every moment and it has inspired me to love tango even more and push to develop to new levels. 

For me, Geraldin and Ezequiel are and will continue to be life-long teachers that have opened my eyes to the most beautiful things that exist in tango.  Anyone should consider themselves extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to study with these highest level maestros. Borana Toska

Kersten and Ruth

For us to work with Geraldin and Ezequiel was a total new experience. Movements that seem to be magic started to become crystal clear. We learned a new view and approach in terms of musicality and interpretation of music. We let behind the struggle with our bodies. They encourage and unfold the free relation between the bodies. If you are interested in challenging your dance they will help. Be prepared to let go habits and things that you seemingly already achieved. If you are truly interested in your dance yourself, they will be interested in you too. If you are willing to work hard for your dance they will personally care for your dance as well. They do not build up secrets but reveal the plainness of the dance. 

Tomas and Gimena

Our names are Gimena and Tomas, we were dancing tango for over 14 years together.

We had many experiences in the tango. But the people who really inspired us to continue dancing and finding a way in our art of dancing were Ezequiel and Geraldine, they were and are our inspiration and main masters of this dance. From our experience in learning and teaching tango, they sow the possibility of understanding tango (in a very FUNCTIONAL way) with a clear and precise perspective without so many theories, they guide you to discover the freshness and life that can be in your Tango dance

P / S Do not miss the opportunity to learn from them, it is addictive, and not to mention if you are going to see them dancing, it is pure beauty, it is pure art.

Where we Teach

Tanz Sport Zentrum

Academia de Tango

Lydia huis

stay with us

Dancing is about freedom and strength.


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Tangomatter promote and produce a sort of events in Amsterdam and worldwide about Argentinian Tango. Workshops, Festivals, contest and Theatre performance.

Ezequiel Paludi and Geraldin Rojas creators of Tangomatter and its concept ...Learn more